December 11, 2023

Overwhelming Response: Dreamtime Learning Hub Reaches 50% Seat Capacity in a Month!

Overwhelming Response: Dreamtime Learning Hub Reaches 50% Seat Capacity in a Month!

Micro-Schooling Concept Attracts Parents & Professionals in Hyderabad ~

Hyderabad, 27th April 2023:  With the opening of its First Micro-Schooling Hub in Hyderabad, Dreamtime Learning Hub is creating a distinguished approach to the education ecosystem. With the opening of one of its kind micro-school in Hyderabad, Dreamtime Learning Hub is embracing the adoption of this concept among parents and learners. In the span of a month, the Dreamtime Learning Hub witnessed a high enrolment rate of 50% among enquiries, indicating a strong interest in this concept.

There is a dire need to move beyond traditional schooling and emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and experiential learning. With the growing trend of micro-schooling in India, many professionals are shifting their approach from traditional schooling to a more tailored form of learning. Micro schooling has gained popularity due to its flexibility, personalized learning, and competitive costs compared to traditional schools. It also provides a safe and controlled learning environment for students. According to a recent report by Omidyar Network India and RedSeer Consulting, the micro schooling market in India is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2025, driven by increasing demand for personalized and flexible learning options. Hyderabad is one of the top five cities in India where parents are showing maximum interest in enrolling their children in micro schools.

The newer concept of ‘micro-schooling’ has been a solution for many parents, such as kids from affluent families, HNIs or the entertainment industry. Additionally, today educators looking for innovative approaches to teaching believe that micro-schooling can provide a more effective and engaging learning experience for students.

What sets this apart in Dreamtime Learning Hub in Hyderabad is the strong following they are receiving from successful professionals, including doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, educationists, and film industry professionals. These professionals are embracing the Dreamtime Learning Hub in positioning education with a new phase, prioritizing empowering students from within rather than relying on external controls. They believe this approach is essential for nurturing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, which are crucial for success in today’s rapidly changing world. By prioritizing student-centred learning, the Dreamtime Learning Hub is paving the way for a new era of education. This unique concept fills a gap in the market and is well received by the community in Hyderabad, providing a viable alternative to traditional schools.

Dreamtime Learning Hub CEO Dr. Kavitha Jain“We are thrilled to see diverse candidates joining our team, including data scientists, psychologists and engineers turned teachers. It is exciting to have individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences come together to contribute to our school’s vision and mission. In a short time, we have received 50% of enquiries from the city, which is a bliss for our newer concept. With this micro-school, we aim to fill the gap between what learners want and what the current education system provides, shifting from traditional to transformational learning. The recent National Credit Framework (NCrF) Report by UGC is a favourable move for us, and we expect this reformation to boost the Indian education ecosystem. This also strengthens our plan to expand to four more centres across metro cities in the next two years.”

The hub has become more prevalent in the current education ecosystem. Strengthening this concept in India, the recently published National Credit Framework (NCrF) Report by UGC significantly boosts micro schooling by acknowledging alternative education methods as formal, making education more holistic and effective. Such a move will enable the transformation of India by providing high-quality education opportunities integrated with effective skills to reap the demographic dividend making education and skilling truly aspirational. Furthermore, accepting non-traditional schooling positively affects Dreamtime Learning Hub on future expansion and capturing other cities.

At the Dreamtime Learning Hub, students work in small groups of 5-10, with each group led by a teacher. The curriculum is designed to be interdisciplinary, focusing on hands-on learning. Students work with their interests and passions, allowing them to take ownership of their learning. The Dreamtime Learning Hub also focuses on developing social and emotional skills like empathy, communication, and teamwork. The program uses various teaching methods, including storytelling, games, and art, to engage students and make learning fun. With the opening of the Dreamtime Learning Hub in Hyderabad and its acceptance among the community, it is anticipated that India is moving towards a more holistic and effective education system, which will empower students to become future-ready.