December 11, 2023

Hyderabad-based start-up IPVerse is making a foray into the exciting world of the Metaverse. IPVerse is joining hands with India’s largest regional OTT platform ‘AHA’ to bring in ‘AHA-Verse, which is ready to make waves with its innovative content and immersive user experience

Hyderabad-based start-up IPVerse is making a foray into the exciting world of the Metaverse. IPVerse is joining hands with India’s largest regional OTT platform ‘AHA’ to bring in ‘AHA-Verse, which is ready to make waves with its innovative content and immersive user experience.

Seeking inspiration from Disney Theme Parks and Ramoji Film City, Ahaverse is emerging as the world’s first production-scale Metaverse rollout. Ahaverse aims to tap into the growing market of tech-savvy youngsters who are increasingly turning to virtual reality as a means of immersive entertainment.

IPVerse is positioning itself as the provider of the digital infrastructure for entertainment IP. The new-age tech brand’s vision for entertainment IP includes a decentralized creation and ownership ecosystem. It is building the infrastructure that will facilitate the needs of this booming sector. With ‘AHAVerse’, IPVerse intends to demonstrate its vision while providing the OTT platform with new revenue opportunities and users a never-before-experienced entertainment.

The platform will go on floors in the last week of March, with the auditions of Telugu Indian Idol Season 2 being the first major activity where users from anywhere in the world will be able to enter and participate in Indian Idol auditions as if they were in the actual set of Aha with jury members who will be giving them feedback in real-time. Winners of the Metaverse auditions will get wildcard entry into the main show, demonstrating the potential of Metaverse experiences co-existing and extending the real world to create incredible opportunities and experiences.

“Entertainment Platforms are going through their next phase of evolution with OTTs entering into the scene. It will be a new era of experience with IPVerse powering these Platforms,” said Sri Charan Lakkaraju early Investor at IPVerse.

“We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of our very own metaverse i.e., ‘AHAVerse’, a permanent 3D digital world where individuals and organizations can come together to create and explore new possibilities. Our platform promises to provide a spectrum of immersive digital experiences that users can access, from participating to socializing and working to winning. Ahaverse is the culmination of Metaverse, AI, and Web3 to create a unique, immersive content experience for users. It is an opportunity for Aha to monetize existing assets and IP, while further engaging their audience around the world”, said Pallav Bajjuri, Founder at IPVerse, IPX.

Moving forward to the accessibility of this platform, users can follow the entrance of ‘AHAVerse’ through a reality headset, Quest, Mac, and Windows desktops. Ahaverse will become available as iOS and Android apps in the near future.

The platform’s move into the Metaverse is expected to benefit subscribers in several ways. For starters, they will have access to an immersive and interactive world where they can explore new stories and characters in a way that has never been possible before. In addition, IPVerse is planning to introduce a range of new features and enhancements that will culminate in an entirely new category of content that is immersive, social, and personal. “Aha has inculcated a culture of trying new and innovative things. Our step to join hands with IPVerse to create the world of Aha in metaverse is yet another step of innovation. AhaVerse will be our long term investment to create their avatars of their favourite celebrities”,said Nitin Burman, Vice President and Head of non-subscription revenue.

A key benefit of IPVerse’s entry into the Metaverse is that it will allow the platform to demonstrate the value of its vision of a portable entertainment asset ecosystem that can unlock the revenue potential of entertainment IP. With the Metaverse being a highly monetizable space, IPVerse will have the opportunity to explore new business models and revenue streams that go beyond the traditional subscription-based model. This could include everything from virtual merchandise sales to a game-changing immersive branding and advertising, providing a valuable source of additional revenue for the platform.

Overall, IPVerse’s entry into the Metaverse is a significant step forward for the platform and its potential subscribers. By embracing this new and exciting technology, IPVerse is positioning itself as a torchbearer in the entertainment space and demonstrating its commitment to providing the best possible user experience for fans, immersive storytelling opportunity for advertisers, and brand new monetization opportunity for IP owners. With its focus on fresh and engaging content, combined with the power of virtual reality, IPVerse is well-positioned to capture the attention of tech-savvy youngsters and establish itself as a major player in the Metaverse.

Together the two are looking forward to creating the best virtual experiences for users to elevate the entertainment level to another high. Following ‘AHAVerse, IPVerse’s suite of products also includes Kahaniya (a network of stories and storytellers), and IPX (a stock exchange for entertainment that is in the works